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ViaSay’s AI chatbots are trained to handle many use cases to improve your customer service experience and processes.

But first, what is an AI Chatbot?

AI chatbots are software applications within a website or app that simulate human-like conversations using NLP (natural language processing). AI bots, also called virtual agents, are programmed to address users' needs without the help of a human agent. Companies need AI chatbots to automate processes such as customer service or sales.

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How to create a chatbot and how to use it?

Building a customized low-code chatbot has never been easier thanks to ViaSay's easy-to-use platform and experienced team. To ensure you build the right AI chatbot for your needs, we created this checklist with our step-by-step approach to a successful chatbot implementation.

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Chatbot Helping a Customer Buy a Pair of Sneakers

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Expand your customer service possibilities

Tackle your most
valuable use cases

ViaSay's conversational AI is designed to help you easily build customized automated processes so you can provide better, faster customer service. Viasay's virtual assistants even take care of qualifying leads, so your agents can focus their time on more complex use cases.

Get results from day 1

Your customers want instant results and so do you. Choose from a selection of industry specific knowledge bases and watch your bot streamline your customer support processes in no time. In fact, you can build a tailored chatbot with the help of our team in just 3 weeks.

Learn from our experience

Our chatbot platform provides everything you need to build a bot without any technical skills. The NLP technology behind ViaSay’s conversational AI has been trained using millions of conversations. This will ensure you provide the best customer experience possible to each and every customer.

Chatbot Helping a Customer Buy a Pizza

Build a chatbot for more efficient processes

Customer support takes time and can be very inefficient if the right processes are not in place. Our AI bots help you simplify your processes by instantly resolving requests that would have been handled by a human agent.

Simplify your support

Cut down the number of support requests getting through to your agents by up to 80%. With fewer customer service requests reaching your support team, you can put your agents’ time to better use with complex use cases.

Make life easier for your agents

Sometimes, customers need a human agent. Our AI assistants don’t just answer questions, they qualify and route customers to an agent with all the information needed. This will help you resolve an issue in 1 minute instead of 10.

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Create a personal shopper for each customer

Give your clients the shopping bot they need

An online purchase bot allows your customers to have 24/7 dedicated support during their shopping. ViaSay’s AI shopping bot is able to answer user inquiries faster than any human agent.

Take personalization to another level

ViaSay’s shopping bot knows what your customers want. It will ask shoppers what they’re trying to find and make personalized recommendations based on their preferences. This enables customers to shop for what they need, whenever they need it, without any limitations.

Make checkouts faster

With our online purchase bot ensuring an easy and effortless shopping experience across a wide variety of channels, you will reduce friction in your customer’s shopping experience. This will ensure a shorter and faster checkout process.

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Provide better
customer experiences

Your customers want personalized, instant service.
Our customized chatbot solution does what humans can’t: provide quick, responsive service on every customers’ preferred channel.

Be where your customers are

Engage customers on their favorite communication channels. ViaSay’s chatbots can be added to your website, WhatsApp, mobile app, and many other channels. In fact, our Facebook Messenger chatbot can help you reduce your average response time up to 99%.

Keep agents happy

With our virtual assistants handling routine customer interactions, your agents can focus on resolving more complex issues. By using ViaSay’s conversational AI, you can expect to resolve up to 80% of support requests.
No longer dealing with mundane requests, your agents will be happier and more engaged.

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